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Poem of the Week: Infinite Spirit is Not Too Late...

If you ask, you shall receive,

So never allow the mind to deceive.

We have to have faith and believe we can,

In order to unlock the Creator's plan.

A gift we can give to one another,

Is to see health and success in each other,

Many successful people today,

Have someone on their side to pray.

Belief, Faith, and the vision of success,

Is how each of us can rise and progress.

It starts in the mind of a vision so clear,

Never giving in to the doubt or fear.

Each soul has so many wants and needs,

And the Infinite Supply always succeeds.

As long as we only speak of our successes,

We can always expect the very bestest.

When our expectations are for the highest good,

The Infinite Spirit has understood.

It comes in at the most perfect time,

Manifesting blessings so sublime.

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