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Poem of the Week: Inside Out Without A Doubt...

In alignment with what I want to create,

By keeping my mind in a positive state.

Never allowing the doubt or fear to win,

Understanding good luck is birthed from within.

When I am ready to manifest something new,

I must let go of beliefs untrue.

Diligently holding more Hope and Faith,

Aware of my ability to Divinely create.

I am my reality turned inside out.

It's all up to me without a doubt.

Mindfulness keeps me present to see,

If I am choosing the right life for me.

When things feel off or I am unhappy,

I get to shift slowly or make it snappy

It's up to me to decide my ultimate fate,

Making a change is never too late.

One foot forward on the road ahead,

Following gut instincts and not my head.

And when it all comes together so Divine,

I know my inner and outer worlds are aligned.

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