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Poem of the Week: Iron Heart Strings...

Self-trust is important for me,

When it comes to making decisions.

My heart makes it clear to see,

It's my job to manifest my visions.

If I listen to others I won't be happy,

And the journey may burn and sting.

As their choices may not be so crappy,

But mine are made of an iron string.

My heart beats to the rhythm of good,

And knows when things are just right.

When I listen I know what I should,

Instead of putting up a big fight.

Counting on my intuition every day,

Is the only pathway for me.

Tuning out choices other's say,

May cause us to disagree.

Walking a mile in another's shoes,

Will help each to see what's best.

Respecting others values and views.

Will put both of ours to the test.

At the end of the day I must live,

The life that was destined for me.

Learning to grow and always forgive,

This is who I'm supposed to be.

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