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Poem of the Week: Leaping Into Opportunity...

Quantum Leaps in health and and flow,

Making positive shifts with what I now know.

A Leap In The Dark with unshakable faith,

The heart guiding what the head can't explain.

Improving a skill by Leaps and Bounds,

Venturing into uncharted waters and new grounds.

Leaping At The Chance to do something good,

Teaching the wisdom of what I've understood.

Leaping forward to manifest my dreams,

Finding healing in all of life's themes.

Leaping for Joy when I'm on a high swing,

Celebrating all the blessings the Light brings.

Feeling my Heart Leap with passion and Love,

With spirit guiding me from high above.

The Truth has been able to Leap To The Eye,

Answering my deeper question of "why?".

No longer choosing to Leap To Conclusions,

As the veil has lifted over all illusions.

Leaping In, At, Up, Over, and Out,

Feeling a need to move into a brand new route.

My soul whispers to my heart to get on track,

Leaping At The Opportunity and never looking back.

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