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Poem of the Week: Life's Magical Potion...

Traveling to the ocean floor of the heart,

To the unknown feelings and emotions.

Discovering what has not been embarked,

In the hidden depths of the ocean.

As within, so is without,

Understanding the self is the key.

Not feeding into fear or doubt,

Self-Love sets us all free.

We have traveled to the Moon and back,

And have explored the stars and planets.

But what we ignore and now lack,

Is that inner and outer balance.

Before looking to the outside world,

We must first take care of our home.

Analyzing the deepest ideas preserved,

Until all aspects became known.

However deep we have traveled,

Is how big and great we have grown.

Focusing on becoming unraveled,

Having the courage to face the unknown.

No matter what happens on this path,

Of seeking the Truths deep within.

We have to remember not to be attached,

There is nothing to lose or to win.

It is the inner world who offers gifts,

Of self-Love, understanding, and trust.

Then it's up to us to make the shifts,

To become happy, healthy, and robust.

Next time we want to look outside,

We can remember the depths of the ocean.

Treasures we're no longer able to hide,

Becoming the gifts in life's magical potion.

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