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Poem of the Week: Live It, Be It, Just Be...

Attitudes and beliefs take shape and form,

When we own our reality it shifts and transforms.

Instead of yelling it loud for all to hear,

Being a living example is a road so clear.

We set one foot in front of another,

Good intentions with our sisters and our brothers.

Acts of kindness and deeds of compassion,

Working together for collective expansion.

As humans we have both Light and dark.

We choose along the way and make our mark.

Our participation in life is where we see,

Are we who we say we want to be?

To live in integrity with all of creation,

Comes in our involvement and application.

Have we lost our way or are we right on track?

Do we take care of ourselves or have each other's back?

Do we give each other the benefit of the doubt?

Are we kind or do we yell and shout?

Is there something to prove to be superior,

Putting others down so they feel inferior?

Do we help the person who lives on the street,

Or walk right by with our own two feet?

What we truly believe deep down inside,

Is in plain sight as there is nowhere to hide.

Each word and action tells the story,

Akasha records it as inventory.

So live each day with intention and grace,

Looking at life as a healing place.

Acting in ways we wish all would act,

Focusing on the Love we receive and extract.

In the end all that we will see,

Is if we allowed our hearts to fly free.

Did we live up to our potential as extensions of Light,

Did we live in our greatness or the darkness of the night,

Following the heart and doing what's right?

Each of us has an opportunity to change,

Away from fear with so much to gain.

In this New Year we are blessed to start anew,

Transformation connects us to our destiny like glue.

Have the courage to be the best you can be,

Change yourself and life becomes a jubilee.


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