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Poem of the Week: Love Sight, Upside Down...

Love can express itself upside down,

It goes one direction until it turns around.

Calling for a sacrifice to fuel its power,

Letting go of expectations to empower.

Love has the strength of the greatest meds,

Turning our inner worlds onto their heads.

Upside down and inside out,

Love makes you know without a doubt.

Sometimes it teaches us through pain,

Creating suffering so hard to explain.

Other times Love will shake us out,

Asking us take a whole different route.

There is no explanation for Love itself,

It can't be studied from books on a shelf.

A cosmic blessing that stretches us deeply,

Fitting each one of us so uniquely.

When it enters, we embrace its grace,

Nothing will ever take its place.

And when it leaves, we can honor the soul,

Because in our hearts there will be a hole.

There's no one in life that could replace,

A Love that the heart truly did embrace.

Enjoy the blessings and let go of the stress,

Love is the most beautiful gift to express.

The Love of a mother to a child,

Loving so passionately it feels wild.

Love for a beautiful piece of art,

Falling deeply in Love with our heart.

Watching the world fighting in war,

Causing us all to need Love even more.

Remember as humans, Love is our gift,

It can resolve any squabble or any rift.

We came from Love and to Love we return,

Love is our greatest lesson to learn.

We can help heal the world with the Love in our hearts,

Love has been with us from the start.

Sometimes Love has to flip us around,

Before we can move from being lost to being found.

If that happens, no matter how hard it might be,

Allow the grace of Love to open your eyes to SEE.


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