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Poem of the Week: Minding Thoughts...

Taking a journey deep into the mind,

Where reality is created and perceived.

Thoughts swirling and intertwined,

Giving birth when they are believed.

The soul behind the thoughts so loud,

Directing Loving intentions so good.

Desires to rise high above the crowd,

Becoming the mind that always withstood.

Reaching toward great positive thoughts,

And beliefs that manifest the dream.

Focusing on gains instead of the loss,

Staying neutral while avoiding extremes.

Opening the mind to see it all,

With Loving perceptions that heal.

Beautiful memories to recall,

Touching thoughts of Love to feel.

Cleaning and clearing with deep breaths,

The pain and sorrows that came to pass.

Letting go of all the small deaths,

Forgiving and respecting the contrast.

The mind is a gift to be used with care,

Directing a life that's so sacred.

Respecting the ability to become aware,

Is a treasure that's not to be wasted.

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