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Poem of the Week: My Friend, The Subconscious Mind...

My dreams hold a potential so great,

Envisioning a reality made from the stars.

Allowing me to go within to create,

Transmuting pain from the scars.

Deep inside my subconscious mind,

Is a place where the Truth is stored.

Inner wisdom is sacredness enshrined,

Much too important to be ignored.

Able to see the darkness unveiled,

Looking at what's hidden so deeply.

Helping me see what has failed,

Learning what empowers me uniquely.

As long as I keep the Light on inside,

Not hiding from what I can see.

There's nothing to block or to hide,

Feeling so free to simply BE.

Superpowers springing out of the Truth,

Building strength and the power to live.

Feeding the seeds to get to the fruit,

Offering blessings from the heart to give.

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