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Poem of the Week: Nirvana Manifested...

The ultimate state of blissful living,

Comes from letting go and forgiving.

Staying Light through heavy times,

Keeping the heart clear so it shines.

Nirvana is a state of pure emptiness,

Releasing attachments and what is tempting us.

Unlocking the heart so it is free to Love again,

Unleashing the good vibes that manifest the Zen.

Life brings a challenge as a lesson to learn,

Man wants to attach to the painful burn.

The cycle continues until the soul awakens,

Unloading the past and unhealthy expectations.

The more that's released, the better things feel,

Until one day things become surreal.

The past no longer lives to haunt the mind,

The present becomes a reflection so sublime.

Expanding in every moment that unfolds,

There are no limits on what the future holds.

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