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Poem of the Week: Outside is Inside

Micro and macro are one in the same,

Yet it is so much easier to place the blame.

Our spirits are not separate from our bodies,

Interconnected, they are carbon copies.

What we process in our inner world,

Manifests itself on Earth unfurled.

There is no chance, luck, fate, or fault,

When everything begins and ends with thought.

Our history, the lessons, and experiences together,

Create who we are and the challenges we weather.

Vibration attracts it's like on Earth,

The mind and the heart together give birth.

Relationship, career, and success,

Is a look into how the inner world will express.

If we want the flow we have to know,

Forgiveness and blessings are the way to go.

As Light as we fly, unattached and free.

Focusing on what we want our lives to be.