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Poem of the Week: Rebirthing Springtime Seeds

Springtime rebirths the authentic self,

Planting seeds of Love and good health.

Illuminating self-expression - independent and bright,

Setting the tone for a new season's delight.

Putting self needs above all the rest,

Understanding this is important to address.

Making decisions to support all of life's dreams,

Creating balance between all of the extremes.

Utilizing resources and connecting with others,

Going deeper to unlock good health and recover.

Sprouting out of the winter season months,

As the solar spotlight shines and confronts.

It's a new beginning of the astrological year,

And new opportunities are starting to appear.

Use discernment and choose them all well.

New beginnings create more space to excel.

Allow the Light to uncover what's hidden,

Understanding the truths that have been long forbidden.

This one life we live is so beautifully sacred,

We get to experience all of what we created.

Make wise choices to act on and employ,

Healing and spreading new seeds with laughter and joy.

A new season blesses each of us with a gift,

It's up to us to unfold soul changes and shift.

Onto a new voyage around this great Sun,

Reflecting the Light inside of everyone.


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