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Poem of the Week: Sacred Earth Blessings

There is a mysterious energy that's all-knowing,

Creating the beauty of nature that's growing.

Breathing life force into every flower,

Reminding us of her sacred power.

Weaving the web of life from each seed,

Manifesting solutions to every need.

Abundant in energy, Light, and Love,

Vibrating and singing like a mourning dove.

Living beings mastering life's gifts and treasures,

Offering a sweetness beyond any measure.

Nature so perfect and aligned with harmony,

Answering the call greater than any pharmacy.

Healing gifts to share in abundance,

Purity of intent to teach and confront us.

Are we learning from the goodness of nature,

Or are we reckless and selfish in the eyes of our maker?

We have to answer to our actions and to our words,

Responsible for what we create and what occurs.

Because in the end we all unite as one,

Realizing it was this way when we begun.

Hurting a tree, an animal, or a rock,

Is like taking action to destroy your own block.

Remember the parts an not just the whole,

Understanding our Love is what we control.

Let's give it up for the planet and her beauty,

On Earth Day or any day would be groovy.

Because at the end of the day we need each other,

We are alive because of our Earth and Mother.

Through breath, water, food, clothes, and shelter,

She is sacred and is our greatest elder.

Respect her and she will do the same,

Honor this planet with accountability and without blame.

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