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Poem of the Week: Sacred Earth Weaver...

As life represents a great tapestry,

Woven dreams and connections to all.

Affecting each other's capacity.

It makes the world feel so small.

Each of us a strand of thread,

Creatively strung with great care.

Some waiting to get ahead,

While others are willing to share.

A weaver is a special soul,

Who lives to understand all beings.

Looking at life as a whole,

Binding our hearts with their weavings.

Observing the fabric of creation,

Individual strands woven together.

Blessed by all of our relations,

Flocking like birds of a feather.

The loom of life pulls strings tight,

Knitting a tapestry of enduring changes.

The weaver has the power to ignite,

Magically creative life exchanges.

Some threads are cut out,

But remain part of the woven story.

Others follow a different route,

Adding to the beauty and the glory.

Weavers hold the high vision,

A dream of harmony manifested.

Through a Loving recognition.

When our strengths have been tested.

Achieving wholeness and beauty,

The weaver works hard to see.

Kindness is our human duty,

In creating an amazing tapestry.

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