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Poem of the Week: Solar Reflections...

Looking through the eyes of transformation,

Life has proven to be my education.

Forty-nine years upon the great Earth,

Moving forward in a time of rebirth.

Ready to start all over again,

Forgiving all that happened back then.

Time to share deep stories and lessons,

After being a target for false expressions.

Stronger than ever and excited to begin,

Living joyfully empowers a life win.

Another year and a new perspective,

Inner wisdom to add to the collective.

Celebrating all of the hills climbed,

Still so much life not yet primed.

Following dreams and higher visions,

Making heart-based plans and decisions.

The best part of getting older,

Is the wisdom life offers to live bolder.

Feeling grateful for extraordinary beings,

Living kind compassion as my teachings.

Life path directing what creates joy,

Also instructing what's best to avoid.

So grateful for life's moments & blessings,

Aging allows more time for expressing.

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