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Poem of the Week: Souls Unite or Continue to Fight...

The gift we are blessed with as humans,

Is our uniqueness and individuality.

But lately that feels like a delusion,

Due to anger and irrationality.

The blame game is at large,

Pitting us against each other in separation.

Duality seems to be in charge,

For a large portion of the population.

The Truth of the matter is this,

We are much more alike than we are different.

Instead of choosing to dismiss,

We can listen to each other's magnificence.

Together we can do what seems unlikely,

Solving big problems and creating solutions.

Separately we each can live "rightly",

Believing in our own personal constitutions.

We get to choose who we become,

Uniting or walking away from each other.

The Earth is where we are all from,

A cosmic family of sisters and brothers.

True strength births out of humility,

Understanding our small role in the whole.

Creating trust through vulnerability,

Seeing beyond separation and right to the soul.

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