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Poem of the Week: Strength-In...

Saturn teaches us that 'we reap what we sow',

Words, actions, and intentions become the nutrients to grow.

We learn lessons and hold wisdom that we gain over time,

And when we misuse that wisdom it becomes a spiritual crime.

The mind and the Will can create magic and wonder,

It's a power that can be harnessed or it becomes a classic blunder.

Misuse of will is a choice that forces desire,

Prioritizing one's wishes and what one can acquire.

When the personal Will aligns with the highest good,

It shows that spiritual law is truly understood.

Whatever the choice and lesson to be learned,

All energies reflect, transmit, and are returned.

Wish everyone well and see all beings blessed,

Everyone is doing what they know to be their best.

Forgive the weak who wish to overpower, deceive, and wrong,

They have been hurt and don't know how to be strong.

Let go of the thought that things are not what they should be,

One day the Truth will ultimately set us all free.

True strength comes from a life of authentic Love and desire,

To rise above fear and hate and uniquely inspire.

We have the power to let go and to become a blessing,

Healing the past through our wounds by openly expressing.

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