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Poem of the Week: Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one to discuss,

An amazing human who inspires all of us,

Creating a positive energetic shift,

So that Love and Justice could heal every rift.

He taught us to live our passions and dreams,

To manifest Love while avoiding extremes.

Not judging one another based on skin,

Race, sex, religion, too big, or too thin.

Never giving up and always working hard,

Standing up for justice and healing the scars.

Educating oneself and answering the call,

With acts of kindness, no matter how small.

Practicing forgiveness and letting go of hate,

Allowing Faith to release a heavy weight.

Living life with a higher purpose,

Going deeper than just the surface.

Having confidence justice prevails for all,

A peaceful warrior going the long haul.

Thank you for your legacy so great,

One day Love will transmute all hate.

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