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Poem of the Week: The Golden Link...

Nothing to resist except for resistance,

The natural flow carries the distance.

Trained to see the duality of separation,

Thoughts renew through regeneration.

Taking the reigns of the inner world,

Not allowing one's energy to get swirled.

Staying neutral to see so clearly,

How I feel affects life sincerely.

So I decide good and bad are the same,

Blessings abound that I now claim.

Seeing a chain of goodness all around,

Feeling the bounty of abundance abound.

Owning my part in all of creation,

The laws of nature and their application.

And now I see the truth so clear,

Everything is a gift wherever it may appear.

There is a Golden Chain and everyone is a link,

My reality blesses me because it's what I think.

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