Poem of the Week: The Higher Road...

Taking in the world around me,

I absorb what I hear and see.

This fuels a bigger story I hold,

Causing me to act warmly or cold.

Emotion is my energy in motion,

It can be calm or in commotion.

To change a behavior right away,

Some emotions can no longer stay.

What story do I choose to believe,

What are my goals to achieve?

I have never been a victim,

To a person, place, or system.

The world is a place of Love,

Living with angels from above.

Those who cause me pain,

Are stuck in a negative brain.

I only absorb the very best,

Rising above each and every test.

As my beliefs start to change,

My brain can rearrange.

Then my life will shift,

Into a blessing and a gift.

No longer falling in a trap,

Of filling an empty gap.

It's my story and I hold the pen,

I don't know if I'll be back again.

This life's manifesting as the best ever,

Choosing the high road makes everything better.

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