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Poem of the Week: The True Healer...

What does healing mean to me,

And how does it take place?

It's not always a guarantee,

When the process is not embraced.

It takes Truth and looking deep,

Into the eyes of each imbalance.

What we sow, we must reap,

Never choosing to stay silent.

Healing comes from processing,

The pains and traumas life brings.

Growing up and blossoming,

Cutting all the painful strings.

It can be greatly supported,

By nature, therapies, and healings.

But one thing cannot be distorted,

We have to harmonize our feelings.

The True Healer is the Spirit inside,

Coming to terms with the alchemy.

It's never about another guide,

Doing our work to heal our malady.

Whether it's breath work or meditation,

A treatment or time in nature.

Healing is our own creation,

Holding the power as the one creator.

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