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Poem of the Week: The War Effect...

Two family members are at odds,

As others live with this reality.

They smile and share a happy facade,

While everyone else feels the duality.

The owners of a business fight all day,

While tension builds up in the office.

Employees feel like running away,

The vibration makes them feel nauseous.

War breaks out in a distant land,

The images play on every channel.

Educating the world to understand,

Peace for all is about to dismantle.

Near or far, war is never the answer,

As it leaves wounds so hard to heal.

It plagues communities like a cancer,

Leaving horrific destruction so unreal.

How does it start and how will it end,

When humans don't see eye to eye?

History shows that it all will depend,

On our choices to live free or die.

Waking up each day we get to choose,

To follow our dreams or settle for less.

Being healthy or choosing self-abuse,

Working to fail or create success.

The choices we make affect who we are,

And the person we show up as in life.

Forgiving, healing, and raising the bar,

Or settling for pain and creating more strife.

No human lives the perfect dream,

But we do get to choose our own path.

Our choices create, so it seems.

So why are we choosing the wrath?

One by one we wake up to see,

Our choices playing out in the world.

It's time for us to set ourselves free,

Healing the pain that's been furled.

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