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Poem of the Week: The Water & The Rabbit...

Peaceful and patient, the Rabbit teaches,

While water washes ashore on beaches.

Both paving the way for the creative spirit,

To live the destiny they loved the dearest.

Rabbit guides us to change directions,

Water shares wisdom and deep reflections.

Guided by sound and psychic knowing,

Directed by the inner Light that's glowing.

Shapeshifting in a Shamanic dream,

Both teach things are not what they seem.

This year we need to stop, look, and listen,

Using the heart as the guide for our vision.

Tuning in to instincts and feelings,

Avoiding harshness & manifesting healings.

The Water Rabbit supports transformation,

By guiding each one of us to our creations.

Trusting oneself to take that big leap,

Taking life Lightly while feeling so deep.

These energies instill Faith and direction,

Sacred spirits that deepen our connection.

Fertile, flowing, and listening within,

The Water Rabbit says, 'It's time to begin!'.

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