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Poem of the Week: Tides of Understanding...

The tides pull emotions up and down,

As the Moon shifts from waxing to waning.

Optimism is the attitude used to ground.

And the frequency that feels most amazing.

But the days when feelings are overwhelming,

And It's hard to get up and get going,

There's a case for goodness so repelling,

That encourages the soul to keep growing.

As beings on this planet Earth,

We have to learn how to be human.

Understanding emotions since birth,

Instead of living in the illusion.

Empowerment comes from this understanding,

Learning and expanding through all of the years.

The spirit continues to grow through expanding,

Once it releases the deep-seated fears.

Our emotions are powerful and deep,

Helping to guide and tell the whole story,

To laugh, get angry, or even weep,

Is part of the blessings and the glory.

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