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Poem of the Week: Winter Rebirth...

Winter Solstice is cold and dark,

Put on your jacket to walk in the park.

A time to sleep and take a break,

Deciding the next big move to make.

Learning, exploring, and taking it in,

A transformative time to seek wisdom within.

Absence of Light that reflects what's inside,

Seeing the things that have been able to hide.

Truth comes in these days of winter,

Sometimes causing relationships to splinter.

Stay true to the heart that beats all the Love,

Listening to guidance from the heavens above.

As Winter Solstice rejuvenates the soul,

We reflect the entire year as a whole.

It's time to live our dreams and goals,

Letting go of the past to follow the soul.

Blessings to all this holy-dayz time,

True Love of heart is so sublime!

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