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Power Of The Exhale...

Waning, emptying, and letting it all go,

Clearing the mind of all I think I know.

The breath releases and the navel draws in,

Umbilical tissues tell me how life begins.

Muscles engage and squeeze out the old,

Head releases what stories I've been told.

Ringing out the past, clearing emotions,

Receptively reaching to a higher devotion.

Nothingness in the void but pure Love,

Listening clearly to whispers from above.

Let go and surrender to the Faith inside,

Your destiny has no room for ego or pride.

When there is no air to breathe, I am near,

Divine Light teaches to never hold fear.

A Higher Truth is guiding this life story,

Not leaning on control, but praising glory.

Contracting inward and creating a void,

Feeling Lighter as darkness is destroyed.

Magnetizing to draw in Divine Blessings,

No more searching or second guessing.

Getting ready to take in another breath,

Emptiness allowing me to appreciate death.

Once I let go, there is nothing more,

No fears, no worries, and no closed doors.

The next invitation to join in again,

Presents a new start in the now, from then.

A breath with potential to reinvent,

No future is written for good in cement.

Each cycle presents a gift to surrender,

Healing and moving to a new adventure.

The strength gained from emptying my cup,

Is a blessing and chance to tidy up.

Clearing the old and receiving the new,

Observing the lesson and bidding adieu.

Grateful and happy to let my soul free,

I see so clearly that it is all meant to be.


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