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Pushing Through The Ring of Fire...

A New Moon rises and blocks the Sun,

The subconscious releases a metric ton.

The fiery halo we see visibly in the sky,

Is a reminder to go inward to the 3rd eye.

Positive change burns on the inside,

Healing shifts move like the ocean tide.

Learning how to let go of the inner struggle,

Spirit brings the missing piece of the puzzle.

With Wisdom and Truth shining so brightly,

We process realizations daily and nightly.

The symbolism of this ring of fire,

Is pushing through like an amplifier.

The things we didn't have courage to face,

The issues we turned away from with grace.

This time now comes to be honest and true,

This eclipse is asking us to become anew.

Letting go of the false reality of the dream,

Keeping it simple, not going to the extreme.

Life is meant to share with purity of heart,

This reflection identifies where it fell apart.

The birth of consciousness comes with pain,

There is a sacrifice with such high gain.

Push through the fire of the pains of growth,

To make good on your higher intuitive oath.

If it's not from Love then it has to go,

Feel into the heart that truly knows.

With strength and Love this too shall pass,

Burn no bridges, just let go with class.


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