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Radiance of the Sun Inspires...

May The 4th Be With You! Literally, this week brings a lot of power, strength, and radiance. It is the 19th week of the year, and when looking at the numbers through the eyes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, it is the week of "The Sun". The Sun is our powerhouse of life energy, Light, compassion, unconditional Love, and inspiration. When the Sun shows up, the Light turns on to have a clear vision ahead, and an illumination of Truth. The Sun allows life to grow, represents abundance, and is a magnetic attractor of prosperity and success. The waning moon supports all of the healing potential and abundance available when we are able to let go of the energies that are consuming us. There are always deeper layers of healing when we are honest with ourselves, otherwise we would have transitioned off of the Earth already. This week creates the space for our innocence to be restored through the pure connection to the heart and soul essence of who we really are. It is Mother's Day weekend and a reminder of the roots of our karmic lessons in this lifetime. With gratitude, we can extract the blessings and good out of every learning experience - both past and present.

The Sun represents individuality and personal freedom from darkness. What does that mean for you? Is there something in your life, whether it is a job, person, habit, or situation that is pulling your energy down? Utilize the power of the waning moon to take a step toward releasing your attachment to this thing. Something only has power over us when we give it that power. What are you feeding with your attention, time, and energy that is not part of your goals and intentions in moving forward in your life? This is a week to turn things around and make a shift for the better. A step forward is just that - a step. Small steps take just a little bit of effort, and move our energies in the direction of our dreams. What step can you make today that moves you from the shadows of your desires into the spotlight of your heart's wishes? Healing can manifest as a new exercise program, a healthier diet, self-care in the form of body work or energy work, an honest conversation, deep-cleaning and organizing, or starting a journal. Take a step this week to bring healing to an area of your life that feels like it is weighing you down. One step forward is a step toward a more expansive version of who you are now. Expand in Love, and watch the darkness dissipate. The Sun is ready to shine the Light on what wants to grow in your life. Grow beautiful bouquets of blessings for you to enjoy for many years to come by taking one small step toward your good.

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