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A Question Commonly Asked...

Why Is A Birth Plan Important?

The most common cause of postpartum depression is feeling a sense of failure during labor and delivery. Moms that feel they did something wrong or didn't have the birth they wanted can carry that weight for months to years after delivery. Allowing each mother to have a voice and share their wishes to the birth team before labor begins can be very empowering. Simply taking the time to think about and discuss what you wish would happen is setting a blueprint for what manifests. Whether that exact plan is able to unfold or not, the communication and teamwork instills more trust, faith, and surrender to the process. Birth plans are never written in stone, and in most cases, there is one or more things that shift during the actual laboring. However, personal beliefs about the placenta, cord blood, shots, skin-to-skin, etc usually don't change and have to be communicated to all involved long before delivery day. Take the time to write out a detailed birth plan, stay flexible, and have faith in the process. Every birth is Divine and unfolds in the most imperfectly perfect way.

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