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Vaginal vs Caesarean... a Spiritual Look at Natural Childbirth

After a mother-to-be learns that she is pregnant, she finds out her projected birth date. The only time that this date truly holds power is when a C-section (caesarean section) has been scheduled, and a surgical procedure to remove the baby(s) is performed. One question that we often get is in regards to the desire to give birth naturally, and how to ensure that this happens. The truth is, there is no guarantee that you will have a vaginal birth. Most mothers feel that if they don't have a baby the "natural" way (vaginally), then something went wrong. Contrary to this believe, in some countries c-sections are scheduled for most all births because it is the preferred method of childbirth by the culture. People have strong opinions on what is "natural" and what isn't, and often times judge those procedures that are not seen as "natural". Here are some thoughts to sit with on the topic.

First of all, nothing on Earth happens by accident or by chance. All things manifest with purpose and meaning, whether we want to believe it or not. The Universe works through order, and in order, to create balance on a greater level. This doesn't always guarantee understanding, compliancy, or agreement, and that is okay. Humans have a hard time believing things we don't understand. It is part of the ego of man. When it comes to life and death, we still don't have all of the answers. However, there are ancient ways of looking at birthing a new life that take several steps back in order to see the Truth from a much broader prospective.

In regards to vaginal birth vs caesarean section, both ways of giving birth have purpose and meaning. Ancient Shamanic teachings tell how the birthing canal is a portal into the physical world. The physical world has a collective paradigm and belief system attached to it. It is an energetic agreement that some have subscribed to that limits the human to a controlled reality of what is accepted and what is not. This limited reality is hard to break, as it has taken so many years to establish and set as the accepted norm. When a soul is birthed out of the vaginal canal, the pain that the mother experiences from the delivery helps to release a spiritual fluid that imprints the new soul with that collective paradigm. This is believed to be a spiritual alchemy that happens during vaginal births. On the contrary, when a soul chooses not to be born vaginally, then this process doesn't happen. Instead, the child enters the world without an imprint. These souls have decided to incarnate free from the old paradigms and beliefs. Instead, they come with a purpose of doing things differently. This has been acknowledged and confirmed by so many parents of children that were born caesarean. These children are compared to their siblings who arrived via vaginal birth as being more independent and more of a "free spirit" than the others.

There is no right or wrong way to give birth. The act in itself teaches us that a greater force is in charge, and surrendering to the flow, no matter what it looks like, is the most healing and empowering way to live life. Accept that there are things in life that we don't have the answers to. Whether the Shamans are right or wrong, it is nice to keep the mind and heart open to what the Universe is teaching us. Most importantly, it is crucial that we don't judge ourselves or others for doing things differently. Whatever way a child is born, it is a pure miracle to create life. We will never truly understand or appreciate how magical giving birth is, but we can stay open to learning from every experience that life has to offer.

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