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RaMa Mama Doula Share: Essential Oils That Support Childbirth, Labor, and Delivery...

Every birth is different, and every mother is different. What makes one mother feel safe and comfortable may make another mother anxious and uncomfortable. In saying this, when most mothers have asked us for essential oils during childbirth, they have usually become comfortable with plant medicine, the scents, their power, and the process of surrendering fear in order to embrace the Love of nature. Essential oils are not for every mother, but when they are embraced and received, they can be of great support and strength during this very vulnerable, connected, and empowering time of life.

Peppermint is wonderful to use when active labor sets in and there is nausea or excessive heat. A few drops in the hand can be inhaled, or a few drops in some water can be drunk in order to calm the tummy and cool the energy. Just having a small washcloth with some Peppermint essential oil on it can be useful to smell when needed throughout the labor and delivery process if the mother doesn't want to wear it on her body.

Nutmeg is a natural chi warmer, and an opening and calming energy that supports childbirth. She can help the body neutralize during active labor when it begins to shake and shiver from the power of the energy. Anoint 5-10 drops onto the upper thighs and butt muscles to help warm up the lower body and prepare it for birth. Nutmeg is a wonderful protector, harmonizer, and calming energy. Use her before labor gets too intense, and allow her to show up when she is needed throughout the birth.

White Mugwort is a wonderful feminine healer and supporter. She is known to help bring harmony to the reproductive system as well as great relief to areas of pain. White Mugwort can be anointed onto the lower back, hips, neck, shoulders, and other areas to release tension, clear blockages, and relieve pain. A few drops can be anointed to the areas of concern, and she can also be used to help move energy when labor has slowed down by smelling and anointing to the lower spine.

Ravensara is an amazing supporter of labor and delivery. She can come through when other methods aren't working and help energize the process with her powerful healing energy. During childbirth, Ravensara is a wonderful cheerleader and supporter. A few drops onto the lower back can move baby from a stuck position to moving and flowing once again. Ravensara can be used as a tool to help move labor along and offer a restorative, calming, and centering frequency that helps mom restore her flow.

Bulgarian Lavender and Extra-Fine Lavender are both wonderful for pain, calming the nerves, anxiety, fear, and stress. They are wonderful allies during the entire pregnancy, labor, birth, and delivery. These Lavenders help to bring harmony between our inner and outer worlds. They help any mother-to-be get into her body and let go of any desire or need to control the process or outcome. This amazing flower is the support every mother needs to bloom into this new phase of life.

Eucalyptus Blue Gum is a wonderful ally in breath throughout the birthing process. When breathing becomes tight or restrained, or when the mind feels stuck in an unproductive loop, a few deep breaths of Eucalyptus Blue Gum can safely open all channels and be used for respiratory issues, pain, diabetes, and fungal issues. Energetically, she helps to let go of fear so that goodness can flow freely.

As needed, these essences (and many more) can be used safely during childbirth to support the mother, baby, and health care supporters in the space. When incense and candles cannot be burned to help shift the olfactory frequencies in a hospital setting, these plants will fill the room with their Loving support that comes without condition. Plants carry an intelligence and inner "knowing" that allows them to have the power to heal and restore harmony where they are needed. As we have faith in their healing power, and give them opportunities to do their work, we learn about their power and how truly intelligent they are. The plants are wonderful medicines for babies, children, adults, and even animals. Anoint with intention and observe how they work with you and your Loved ones.

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