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RaMa Mama Monthly Doula Share: Evening Primrose For Birth Preparation...

As a birth doula, there are many different techniques, tricks, recipes, tinctures, formulas, and protocols that we learn to help mothers after 37-38 weeks of pregnancy to prepare for labor and delivery. Every mother, every birth, and every health provider has their way of approaching birth. One of the more holistic birth preparations, Evening Primrose oil, has been a long known supporter. Even the American Family Physican states that Evening Primrose oil can help soften and thin out the cervix. Other scientific studies have concluded that it can help to shorten labor time and decrease postdate pregnancies by triggering prostaglandin from the linolenic acid in the oil. Also, one small study found that the oil plus vitamin D during pregnancy helps to reduce the symptoms of gestational diabetes. It is important to remember that every birth is different, so one method doesn't work the same for all mothers.

Evening Primrose has no negative effects on the body with breast-feeding and is a great alternative to other unnatural medicines. People with blood pressure issues should be aware that some have reported this oil helps to thin the blood, while others say it helps to prevent high blood pressure. For women in menopause, Evening Primrose is used for breast pain, hot flashes, and other menopause symptoms. The only side effects that some women have complained about are headaches and upset stomachs. This oil can be taken orally (500mg orally twice a day), as well as vaginally (1000mg capsule once a day), to help initiate labor by preparing the cervix. Always ask your midwife or doctor before using any interventions to make sure they are safe for you.

Sacred Scents Aromatherapy offers an Evening Primrose oil and capsules. Feel free to reach out for more information or visit our online store to purchase.


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