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Receiving Lunar Gifts...

Mysterious friend might show up at night,

During the day, she's transparent in sight.

Secretes are held deep within her womb,

Intuitive gifts from her ancestor's heirloom.

Shifting in order to adapt to the times,

Knowing how to read between the lines.

All of creation moves through her to Earth,

She is the Mother of our cosmic birth.

Riding on her Light in order to arrive,

Returning to her when no longer revived.

She's the waters of the land and the body,

Her power's much greater than Sarasvati.

Movement and adaptability shifts her vibe,

Invoking these gifts to share with the tribe.

Listening, observing, and taking it all in,

Receiving, transmuting, and going within.

Moon Goddess of the darkness has revealed,

Truth awakened can no longer be concealed.

In the subconscious, the dream lives on,

Alive inside for both dusk and dawn.

Trusting inner waves of every new cycle,

Energy in motion is what fuels survival.

Gratitude Moon Mother for guiding the way,

Sweet beauty of Love, a blooming bouquet.

Feeling you move the tides of life with grace,

Full Moon goddess is showing her face.

Letting go of the fear that fuels the race,

Waning to release the old database.

Invoking dreams of creations to embrace,

Waxing Moon shines in to touch base.

Cycles help manifest the breathing space,

Her intuitive flow is now in first place.

If heaven is above, let's take her staircase,

It is time to rise, and together is our pace.

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