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Retrograding & Eclipsing...

The Moon is currently waning in this Universal Moon Period, and we find ourselves in Mercury Retrograde - moving toward a New Moon Eclipse on June 10th. Both the retrograde planet Mercury and the eclipse bring about a strong platform for change. Mercury Retrograde teaches us to revisit, rework, restore. renew, redo, reflect, rethink, repurpose, and revise - no matter what the topic is. We are given a second chance to take a tour back around the things that we have left undone in our past. Most importantly, it is a beneficial time to complete the conversations that were left open-ended, unresolved, or incomplete, in order to make things better for everyone and everything.

A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. The Solar Eclipse is asking us to shine the Light on our inner, subconscious world in order to highlight and then release the toxic, low frequency beliefs, thoughts, and feelings we have allowed ourselves to hold inside. Eclipse Season comes when it is time for a very powerful and influential ending or beginning in our lives. It is a Mercury year and a Mercury week (the 23rd week of the year), and a very mental influence on our lives and our Earthly experiences. Every challenge offers an opportunity to refine the thought process that creates the inner reflections and beliefs. Our perceived life disruptions result in windows that open for the winds of change to enter.

As we are in continuous conversation with the Multi-Verse, there is a dialogue that we are all invited to participate in. Nothing happens by chance, and the little signals we receive are part of this cosmic interaction. Eclipses are some of the loudest of the signs that the Universe uses to tell us all to wake up to change. They come to visit very rarely, but at potent times when we feel very comfortable being uncomfortable. An Eclipse is a little energy earthquake that breaks up each comfort zone topic into little pieces to be processes and transformed into healthier, happier, and more abundant ways of living. Kind of like tearing off a bandaid on sensitive or hairy skin, eclipses sweep in very quickly, rustle everything up, and tear lower frequencies out of life quickly and powerfully.

The Sun is the healing force that asks us to face an inner Truth that needs to be addressed. The Truth isn't the easiest thing to look at sometimes, but our courage to face the obstacle standing between us and our health, happiness, and joy, is what can be the key to the lock that we have been trying to open for so long. Be One with that ray of Light that shines toward the destiny and not just to one destination. The bigger picture comes from having the vision to see Truth. Use this time as a portal of transformation to transcend adversity and rise to a higher plane.

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