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School of Self-Love...

Why do we learn and study so hard?

What is gained from a perfect report card?

Is what we are learning making us better?

Or feeding the ego to become a go-getter?

What is the purpose of higher wisdom,

If we stay asleep in a controlled system?

Do we manifest from skill alone,

Or is it the inner world made known?

Can success be guaranteed to just a few,

Or to anyone with a cosmic view?

Experience teaches that Divine reflection,

Is life manifesting from an inner projection.

Letting go of fears and worries inside,

Observing the negative mind as it died.

In order to birth the life of our dreams,

We have to step out of our role as machines.

Honoring ourselves and celebrating life,

Embracing Love as a husband or wife.

One day at a time of a deeper connection,

Bringing out a new and blissful direction.

Honoring and living as one with grace,