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Seal of Solomon: Planetary Period


The Universal Saturn Period is a 53-day cycle of discipline and an inward journey of self-study and meditation. In the cycle of a tree, Saturn represents the fruit, or the "karma" of the seeds that were planted during the Sun Period. This is a time of withdrawal, inward concentration, and renewal.

During Saturn Period, it is not advised to start a new project or job, or to sign any type of written contract. Reading spiritual books, working on health through mental, emotional, and physical balance, and cleaning and clearing out personal belongings is best during this time. Saturn can often bring the feeling of needing to slow down, and can be interpreted as being restrictive or confining. One may experience delays or obstacles in daily activities, and it might feel tempting to do something foolish or to make a decision that is not in one's highest good. This is why is so important to work on the magnetic field every day as well as be diligent with a spiritual practice that will help to bring peace and centeredness.

Farming, gardening, and connecting to the land, property, and real-estate are best during the Saturn Period. Also, working with and helping the elderly is a powerful way to spend time in service. Exercising discipline in speech, action, and behavior will help to make Saturn Period a positive time of self-healing and spiritual growth. The inward journey toward peace and stillness will provide one with the strength and stamina needed to move forward in the most positive direction in life.

Call upon Archangel Tzaphkiel, the Contemplation of God, to bestow blessings and understanding upon you. Tzaphkiel helps to teach how to love unconditionally, resolve conflicts, forgive, and develop compassion in order to serve others. She embodies the feminine aspect of the Creative Consciousness, watching over people with love and understanding. Some believe she is the "great cosmic mother", protecting all living beings from darkness. She holds the flowing waters of knowledge and supports all beings in going within the darkness of the Self to develop a deep understanding of the Creator that works within. Call upon Archangel Tzaphkiel to help develop a deep understanding of the Creator and the awareness of the state of Divinity within.

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