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Seeking & Restoring Harmony

The Yin-Yang dance is a consistent ebb and flow that helps to create balance. All good things come to an end, and the only consistent in life is change. If you feel you are at the bottom floor of life, a shift is about to happen to help you rise once again. Giving and receiving works in this manner as well, and our bodies reflect that principal in terms of ingesting nutrients and releasing wastes continuously. These cycles restore harmony where there is lack or excess, and nature reminds us that imbalances, in their extremes, are cancerous.

We are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and change. Everything is changing. These natural changes are healing, and anything that is healing is going to bring awareness and consciousness. Automatic living is no longer an option. Each of us is facing ourselves and our lives by our new micro-realities and social distancing groups. The spotlight is shining on who we are to our core and bringing up the deep and sometimes dark skeletons that lurk in the corners. This great awakening is much deeper than what we can see, and no matter what side of the continuum each of us may fall on, there is no absolute or perfect way to express, but simply lessons to receive and grow from. We are together, but each of us is our own vehicle for wisdom. We learn, we grow, we change, and then repeat. Whether it is in this body and lifetime, or in a different vessel in some other time and space, the lessons will continue to manifest for the soul to receive and apply for positive change. We cannot make choices for one another, but we can be reflections of each other in terms of who we do and don't want to be. Our thoughts, feelings, words, attitudes, and actions all have consequences based on what we put out energetically. We are only fighting our own good when we resist positive change, and it is crucial that we understand that we don't have all of the answers. Each of us creates a mental movie of how we believe life is unfolding; however, e