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Self-Illumination Through Love...

This week we celebrate life by healing in the warmth of the Sun, while meditating in the shadows. It is the 15th week of the year and a powerful time to face the deeper inner world that holds the key to personal freedom and happiness. Venus is the planet that teaches us the many faces of Love. We can Love the beauty around us, but do we Love who we are deep down inside? The 15th tarot card in the Major Arcana is The Devil. Defining God as Love, we can then understand the devil as our fears. It is rewarding to focus on the positives in our lives, because what we focus on grows. However, if we never address the inner world of darkness, then we end up holding on to pain and sometimes misunderstanding that leads to dis-ease and unhappiness. Some call this our "shadow work". Self-Love is often born in the shadows.

In the shadows are reflections of the limitations that can hold us back from expressing who we really are. Sometimes the secrets held inside of us are held there because of shame. With Love and acceptance, shame can be released and a great burden can be lifted where life can become enjoyable once again. Attachments are another form of self-imprisonment that is created in the shadows. Attachments come in all aspects of who we are and how we navigate through the physical world. It is healthy to let go of burdensome attachments because we came into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing. Our attachments become weights that bring us down instead of lifting us up. Negative thoughts, feelings, speech, actions, and attitudes lead to places that are sometimes hard to come out of. This is why it is so important to illuminate what is hiding deep inside.

Any time our soul essence is ready to shift into a higher projection of Light, before reaching that new altitude, there is a shadow there to resist it. The shadows come out to test us in these moments before a huge breakthrough. Letting go is the ultimate vaccine for imprisoning fears. Letting go of all limitations will cause the chains of darkness to break and abundant opportunities to appear. Nothing can be lost from facing darkness head on with acceptance and Love. Freedom, happiness, better health, and more opportunities for growth appear when the inner darkness has been illuminated. Choose Love and help create the space for all beings to do the same. As we learn and grow, we are able to help inspire others. Every healing act that happens is a portal for many others to find the strength to do the same.

Is there an area of your life that you have been holding onto inside instead of addressing it out in the open? Is there a secret inside of you that is yearning to break free in order to allow you to live your life as who you truly are? Are you ready to make a shift in a destructive thought pattern, behavior, emotional construct, attitude, or way of speaking? This week holds space for a waning moon of releasing into a New Moon of manifesting. There is both time to let go and time to create anew. Utilize the forces of nature to support positive change in this 4th month of the year - a great month for change. Initiating positive changes this month will bring good luck, happiness, health, and prosperity.

Never look darkness in the eyes with fear. The shadow of Love, Wisdom, and Truth is only there to push you to be better and better every day. Embrace every shadow as you walk toward the Light. Remember your true essence is unique, and get excited to live the life you have always dreamed of living. It has always been inside of you, and it is patiently waiting to break free!

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