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Shifting Generational Karma

On a vacation flying via airplane, we learn right away that we are of no help to others if we don't help ourselves first. When it comes to survival, we have to "put on our mask first, and then help our Loved ones". This is another reminder that as alone as we entered this planet, we shall also exit alone. But are we alone? Inside of us is a deep history and the voices of our ancestors. Our ancestral lineage holds the key to a big part of our karma (cause and effect), and the lessons we chose to incarnate to learn and grow from. In saying this, those deep lessons are not to be escaped, but to be dealt with head on. When we experience a challenge, it is to be embraced as a sign that we are, or can choose to be, heading toward our personal happiness, health, and freedom.

There are social contracts at play in our society based on our ancestry, and most people assume too much about one another based on those contracts. Most of the contracts we still hold are outdated and not supporting the ascension process at all. This retrograde season, untie the knots that hold you bound to your past contracts. It is time for creating the new, and the new reality that is emerging in this age is one of unconditional Love. When entering this vibration, we can only do it with complete self-Love and honoring of the soul. Use this time of inner reflection and meditation to listen and discover what is the next best step forward for you in this amazing time and space of co-creation. Each personal journey into consciousness exists to express Love, spread Love, and be Love. As within, so is without. Our Love can only spread out as far as we have gone inward. On our mission to becoming who we are, there is no room for the expectations of others. Honoring the Self as an individual means listening inside first, and taking action from the heart. Most of the time, our expectations are vey unrealistic. The mind can be a place of clarity, but it can also be a space of illusion. When truly knowing oneself, there is no illusion that can exist. It is in the knowing that we set ourselves free.