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Sound Waves of Transformation

It's a Uranus week of inner transformation, change, and the application of Divine Love. With all that we have learned in our lives, how are we applying the wisdom daily to become more Loving and compassionate? How are we using our words to spell out our destiny? These spells move through the heart, out of the throat, and off of the tip of the tongue, where the Creator sits in every BEing. Words affect the plants and trees in nature, the water in our bodies and the land, the elements, and our feelings that are responding to the energies around us. We have experienced this magic of sound frequency in our lives in both the healing and the challenging ways. This is why mantra can be such an effective and powerful tool for transformation.

In this waning moon time, we have an opportunity to use this power of the magic of the tongue to transcend time and space and control the mind. What are those perceived blocks or obstacles between you and your good? Use the power of the words you speak to release them once and for all. As you speak these spells into creation, you are invoking the mighty forces of nature to help you rewrite your story. Like a spider that weaves its web to catch what it needs for survival, we have the power to use our words to weave an energetic web of magic that helps us create what we need and truly desire from the purity of our hearts. When we speak aloud we affect the physical world, when we whisper we affect the astral world, and when we speak internally we affect the spiritual world. Whatever level of vibration we choose, from our inner words to our audible ones, we have a choice to let go or to carry any story we choose. In order to create positive change, we have to be willing to help ourselves. Change is ultimately and inward job, and can only manifest when the will is aligned to the change. Complaining is not only self-destructive, it can harm the organs. When we find ourselves complaining, criticizing, or looping around an old story all of the time, it means it is time for a new program. We can be programmed, or we can program ourselves. Mantra is a repetitive vibration that serves as the language of the spiritual world. In order to rise above self-destructive behavior, we have to ride the waves of a higher frequency and catch onto the life preserver of the sacred Word.

What is your inner voice speaking these days? Is it you that you are listening to, or is this voice an old tape that you unconsciously left on repeat? This is a wonderful time to pull that old tape out and record a new one. Look into the mirror and speak yourself into your dream. Using "I Am" statements, say what you wish to be... healthy, happy, loved, abundant, successful, etc. A daily practice of positive self-talk can completely turn your life around. When the fears come up, speak the words that take the power out of them completely. Feed the Love and starve the fear. The repetition of this intentional action will serve as a guiding light during challenging times. Remember that we create what we believe and speak into reality. Create the magical spells that birth more Love, Peace, and Light on Earth.

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