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TCG Mantra of the Month: Guru Ram Das/RaMa Ram Ram...

Mantra & Meaning:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru

Guru Ram Das Guru

RaMa RaMa RaMa RaMa RaMa

Ram Ram Ram Ram

From dark to Light, dark to Light,

I praise the Divine and Infinite Light

Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, Male and Female,

We Invite In Cosmic Blessings.

This mantra combines the protective, soothing, and centering "Guru Ram Das" with the harmonizing, awakening, and strengthening "RaMa Ram" to bring Light, energy, and blessings toward a healing direction in one's life.

Chant for 3-11 minutes along with a track or monotone with as many rounds of the mantra you can do in one breath. Focus on the 3rd eye, and pull the rectum when chanting. Smile, take full deep breaths between each round, and sit comfortably so that you can surrender to the sound current.

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