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TCG Mantra of the Month: Om Kar Mantra...

Mantra & Meaning:

Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om

Om Om Om Om Om Om Om

This mantra is considered "the sacred vowel" that is known as the "monarch of mantras" and the representation of the individual soul. Om Kar is the main name of the Divine Source of Creation, or the Light of Light. Om Kar, or Om Mantra, is the realization of the Divine within, and helps the soul attain self-realization through the eternal Light. The Om tone is the vibration of creation, and it is said that it is the "Word" of the Great Spirit, or the "Big Bang" vibration that started the universe. It is the representation of absolute reality. Create a sacred space and welcome in the Light through the sacred Om Kar that holds the multi-verse together.

Om Kar is on the TCG "Mantra Meditation" Album

Listen Below

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