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The Death Before the Rebirth

Spring is bright and bountiful, and the best time of the year for healing. We have reached the 13th week of the year. This is the week of an alchemical transformation within and around us...otherwise known as change. There is fear around the number 13. We see hotels all around the world with no room number or floor number 13. It is a number of great mythology. Research says that 10% of us US citizens fear 13. Friday the 13th is especially feared in the Western world. The Bible shares that the 13th guest to arrive is the one who betrays Jesus. In Nordic traditional folklore, the 13th guest at a dinner party in Valhalla was the one who introduced evil to the world. Even though the Ancient Egyptians considered this number as lucky, many other traditions do not agree. In Asia, the number 4 is avoided, and 13 is considered a 4. In the Chinese language, the words "four" and "death" sound very similar. Death is one of the top 10 things humans all over the world fear. Death is simply a transfer of energy from the seen to the unseen, from one form into another, or one season into the next. It is painful to experience the loss that comes from physical death sometimes, and even more painful when we resist change. Why do we fear change? What are we afraid of? Loss of control, the fear of unknown outcomes, and letting go of the past are just a few of those reasons. If only we could see beyond the change and into the future. Our hearts and minds would be at peace when we saw ourselves learning new and more evolved ways of living, becoming more flexible, having deeper understandings and realizations, pushing forward in our lives in new ways, and becoming more rich and saturated with life experience.

The truth of the matter is that the death of the old shifting into the birth of the new signifies positive growth. Anytime we are about to grow, there is a little pain, resistance, or release that happens right before. We see it happen in nature when a sprout grows up from the soil or a baby is born. Growing pains are normal to us in our bodies, so why are they so traumatic when they happen in our reality? We are e-motional beings - our energy is always in motion. We are feeling our way through life, and new feelings are like introducing a new temperature to the water you are bathing in - it takes a moment to adjust to it. When our energy bodies are strong, the aura works as a protective buffer and helps us to maintain harmony through various shifts. When the aura is weak or has holes in it, we can sometimes feel like we are being personally attacked by the shifts in our space and energy field. The fact that the energetic frequency of the Earth has been drastically shifting the past three years tells us that there is a definite shift happening. Are you comfortable in this age of change? If not, what are you doing about it?

Communing with nature is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings. There are hundreds of trees outside with so much wisdom and healing energy. There are flowers that are spreading joy and happiness with their bright and brilliant smiles. The dirt, sand, ocean water, creeks, and rivers are grounding and neutralizing, and the sunrises and sunsets are powerful times to both heal and protect oneself. Returning to the natural ways of living and letting go of excessive use of machines and devices in order to plug back into the soul, are great ways to find the way back to neutrality. Nature and the laws that govern it are the cosmic tools we have been so generously provided in order to return to Love. Nature is Love, and Love heals. Go for walks, sit by trees, receive morning sunlight, and listen to the sounds of the birds and the wind. Stretch and move the body, breathe deeply, and anoint yourself with plant medicine. When we give back to ourselves and listen to the voice of the heart, the honoring of the soul creates a flow of goodness and healing that can positively affect every area of life. Remember the simple things in life when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Simplicity has always been the closest route to Divinity.

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