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The Dream Is Alive In You...

Happy Winter Solstice! One of the most powerful weeks of the year, we are blessed with the darkness of inward reflection and the dream world that creates the magic of the waking days. This week is the 52nd week of the year and the culmination of a transformational year. The 52nd week can be looked at numerically as (5 + 2 = 7), and 7 represents The Chariot in the major arcana of the tarot, and the planetary influence of Neptune. Neptune waters are Divinely inspired by intuition and help to create the platform of inner harmony through a higher perspective and ability to see the blessing in every situation and every moment of life. Think of your year, the last seven years, and your entire life. Have you perceived your reality as a gift or have you felt like a victim of circumstances? Research shows that our attitude toward our life experiences dictate the happiness and health that we manifest. We are the drivers of our own personal chariots, and the quality of the fuel that moves us is in our thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes, and speech. What we think acts like a seed of creation. As we attach our emotions to certain thoughts that move us in any direction, we are adding water to the seeds we have planted. When we speak this creation into form with our words, we are nourishing that seed to grow strong enough to manifest all of our dreams. Finally, our attitudes and actions seal it into matter and we are able to see, hear, feel, and experience that original thought in physical form. This is how we give birth to life every day. This time of year is asking us to step out of auto-drive and take charge of the direction that our chariots are driving us. This is one of the most powerful times in history for creating the life we have always dreamed of living. This means living where we have always wanted to live, being around the people who Love and nurture us and who we Love and nurture the most, and doing what we Love while Loving what we do. These times are no longer allowing us to dwell in what was once our reality, but instead it is asking us to take leaps of faith into the unknown of the dreams we have been holding inside. This past year has been a catalyst of deep inward reflection. Each of us has had to shed what was no longer important in order to care for what needs attention. Love and compassion have asked us to sacrifice for the greater good and our focus is now on caring for ourselves and others before indulgences and personal needs. Everything in our reality is supporting a new wave of understanding and quality of Loving and giving that we have not experienced in some time. There is an opening of the heart with this Aquarian Age of Love. What a beautiful opportunity to allow the seeds of Love to grow wild and abundant in our hearts!

This is the last week before we approach 2021. As we reflect on our lives and who we really are as a soul, it is time to make the big choices of Love over fear in all areas of our lives. It is time to write out our long term goals as if they are going into place on January 1st. This is a new year filled with powerful and supportive energies of success and expansion. We have the empowering choice to look at our downfalls, doubts, fears, and worries as signs that we are headed in the right direction. When you go after your dreams, there will always be resistance of darkness equal to the power of the Light. Notice when this arises and get excited that you have yet another opportunity to choose Love. At each corner, in every bend and turn along the way, we will be asked to make that choice. Never doubt it, Love will always help guide us to where we truly want to be. Journal your desires, observe your fears, write down your goals, and pray with unshakable Faith. Speak this Truth into reality, believe it, feel it, and then Go For It.

We are joining together with two essence friends for the first 12 days of the year in daily, 30 minute breath-meditate-share wisdom sessions. The first 12 days of the year represent the 12 months of the year. What you do on these 12 days dictates the influences that will subtly affect you on a subconscious level each month. We will come together and check in with breath, meditation, and wisdom on the many different ways to use our Sacred Thieves Blend and Black Cumin Oil for health and wellness. Between these two essences, we can address just about every disturbance that the body could experiences when health is out of balance. Join us by clicking the link above or going to Planting Seeds of Health & Wellness.

Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays to all! Be safe, practice patience and compassion, and keep the vibes focused on gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for, even during our most challenging times in life. Focus on the good and create the magic!

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