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The Great Spirit Expressing...

We can say it once or a million times,

Love is the way we share these vibes.

The spectrum of beauty runs far and wide,

Division and hatred are just there to divide.

Everything is a drop in the ocean of reality,

No good or bad, just oneness and duality.

Whether it is family or spiritual community,

There's no way except for Love and unity.

Each of us a brilliant and rare expression,

Living in Truth with imperfect perfection.

Stop projecting the problems onto others,

The answer's inside and not in another.

Each of us working on our mental peace,

Allowing the Love in the heart to increase.

Not projecting negativity and pain,

But finding harmony in heart and brain.

The wisdom gives us a choice to receive,

The voice of blame is there to deceive.

The arrows point inward for transformation,

A catalyst for a new & powerful creation.

Our job is to transmute pain into blessings,

Owning our part and then progressing.

Onward and upward to the next chapter,

Taking these lessons into the here after.

This breath, this day, this life we get,

Is not by chance, so no regret.

Value each moment as if it were the last,

Don't spend one day living in the past.

This life is so sacred, as a gift from Divine,

A time to learn, and with the One - align.

Don't waste another moment in pain,

Heal the trauma and don't complain.

Each lesson is a Divine gift and treasure,

Wrapped in pain or hidden in pleasure.

Decide today that it's all a blessing,

Each experience is Great Spirit expressing.

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