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The Return To Truth...

At the end of any relationship, job, experience, journey, or lifetime comes the Truth. The revelation of Truth gives so much insight and wisdom because it is the culmination of all of the lessons learned, which provides the deeper meaning of the experience. This week is the 22nd week of the year, and the 22nd archetype is related to what is known as "The New Jerusalem". "The New Jerusalem" signifies a time when one cycle or lesson ends and balance is restored, so there is completion before a new beginning is born. Balance comes from the soul's essence returning to its original purpose of existence. This means that, should we find ourselves compromising our destiny or falling off track, the end of the cycle will offer an opportunity make a correction and change for the better.

Without judgement, we journey through our lives and sometimes make a turn that take us down a path that we never intended to be on. Moments become years, and years become decades. We have an opportunity to reflect on our choices when cycles come to closure. The Truth becomes so clear that it is hard to continue living in something out of alignment with the soul's essence. This week is a beautiful time to look at the beliefs we have chosen to accept. As the frequency on the planet is rising, we all are having to find ways to match this higher energetic frequency in our thoughts and beliefs. Do you have limited ideas about what is possible for you and others? Are there beliefs that are outdated, stifling, or attached to your past that you are ready to let go of?

The soul has no limitations. The soul has a journey and the tools needed to complete that journey, when guided by the intuitive mind and heart. This week embodies the energies of restoration,