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To See Or Not To See, It Is All Divine...

Eyes like sunshines illuminate our vision,

The Universe works with exact precision.

Testing us to see how we will react,

Observing behavior and what calls us to act.

Karma delivers the perfect situation,

A window to see the real narration.

When the Truths are revealed oh so clear,

We accept them or have a hard time to hear,

Making the choice between Love and fear.

Windows shared into a world unknown,

Divine grace is acting from the throne.

We are protected, guided, and Loved,

We have support from the heavens above.

When it is time for them to intervene,

Angels and guides enter the scene.

Like a bolt of lightening with power,

Life shifts, and down comes the tower.

No ego is bigger than this universe so great,

No Love can be defeated by the hate.

The True vision is the one of the heart,

Staying in rhythm from the start.

When we are gifted to see the clear Truth,

It's a physical blessing bringing the proof.

Don't believe everything, but go see,

The heart is the place to learn how to be,

As the mind is filled with duality.

In order to have the eyes of the Divine,

We have to be willing to read the signs.

Wake up and take the reigns of life,

No more suffering from personal strife.

The power is inside and it's time to let go,

We are blessed to know what we know.

Embrace the grace that the Universe shares,

We're guided because the unseen cares.

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