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Universal Jupiter Period: October 15th - December 5th

The Universal Jupiter Period is a 52-day cycle of material and spiritual abundance. Whatever dreams you have, this is a time to go for it. This is a great time to invest money and deal with financial matters. The stock market, lottery, and gambling have more favorable energy at this time. This is also a good time to deal with debt, creditors, bankers, and other financial institutions. Jupiter rules over fairness, the courts, and litigation. This is a good time to resolve legal maters.

Spiritually, Jupiter supports a deep connection to one's higher self. Religious ceremonies, rituals, and other spiritual practices are wonderful to participate in during this time. Serving the community, philanthropy, and donations of time and energy bring out the best in Jupiter. It is a wonderful time to visit Loved ones that haven't been in contact for a while.

Having a positive mental attitude is the most important virtue to live by with the influence of Jupiter because it brings blessings. When the higher energies are open and available to access, it takes a Loving heart to water the seeds of expansion into great big trees of abundance. Use this time to grow, expand, and take a leap of faith. There is infinite potential and opportunity, so shoot for the stars!

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