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Universal Planetary Influence: Universal Saturn Period (January 27th - March 20th)...

The Universal Saturn Period is a 52-day cycle of inward reflection, meditation, spiritual growth, and spiritual discipline. This is a time to develop the powers of organization, structure, and self-control. In the cycles of farming, this time of year reflects the tilling of the soil and preparations of cleansing, clearing, and releasing that which you don't want into a the new cycle that comes at the Spring Equinox. Spiritually grounding into the heart is the perfect solution when Saturn constricts, slows down, or delays what you are trying to achieve. Old debts, challenges, or karmic situations may come to collect during this period. Saturn brings up our limitations so that we can make friends with them. It is an illusion to believe that we are anything but Light. Stay Light and keep your head up, this is a time of karmic reckoning for the entire year. Whatever energies you have put out to the multi-verse all year long is returning to you at this time to review and recognize as a reflection. What needs to change? What can be improved? How do you wish to shift or change on a perceptive level in order to open yourself to higher forces of Light and Love? Saturn is your teacher and inner strengthener as you get to know yourself better and better through meditation and inner observations.

In saying all of this, Saturn Period is not a great time to initiate a new project that is important to you. It is not the best time to get married, to sign important documents, or to make big life decisions. This time may feel optimal, and the higher forces of Saturn can trick your heart in desiring to have what you want NOW. Be patient, breathe, and take things slowly. Your health is the most important thing during the influence of Saturn. Take care of your body with healthy food and exercise, your emotions through meditation and faith, and your mind with the breath and Self-Love. Saturn rules over the land, real estate, property management, mortgages, and old trees. The longevity of Saturn reflects the elderly that have the wisdom and knowledge of a lifetime. Death, wills, and the matters related to the end of life are reflected through Saturn. This is a great time to volunteer at a nursing home or spend time with older relatives that you haven't seen in a long time. There is access to deep wisdom and patience that the current world cannot always offer on a daily basis.  

In the cycle of a tree, this is the time of fruiting. The fruits of the year are harvested and collected, releasing them from this cycle and returning the seeds from inside to the Earth to start a new cycle once again. In this time, it is great to harvest the fruits of the year and then make plans and organize the entire year to come. Your Saturnian powers manifest through your actions of preparation, planning, organizing, and structuring the framework for the magic to unfold. Without this in place, the entire project that you launch at the seeding time will have no foundation to build on. This powerful structure allows the magic to manifest to its highest potential. The millions of ideas that formulate in the mind need a pen and paper to organize them so that a plan can be put into action. This is a great time to plan and prepare. Do not allow the limitations or constrictions of Saturn to bring you down. Eat citrus fruits and foods high in Vitamin C during this time and keep your energy high. All seeds need time in darkness. Go inside and sustain your Spiritual Connection to Divine so that your soil will be rich in Love come Spring.

  Call upon Archangel Tsaphkiel, the contemplation of God , who bestows blessings of knowledge and understanding. Archangel Tsaphkiel is the angel of understanding Unconditional Love by resolving conflict, forgiving, and serving others. By knowing thyself, one knows the entire multi-verse. We learn, we grow, and then we have the capacity to see The Great Spirit in everyone and everything. With an expanded perception of reality, we always have the opportunity to see the interconnectedness. Saturn is the Divine Mother who teaches us that Love comes through understanding great Truths of Wisdom by experiencing them ourselves. Her patience and Love for us allows us to learn and grow and then be the great teachers we all are and help others on the path of the heart.

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