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Universal Planetary Influence: Universal Venus Period (December 6th - January 26th)...

The Universal Venus Period is a 52-day cycle of art, music, parties, Love, and indulgences. This is a time of year when we celebrate the holidays together with the people they Love the most. It is when pleasure, luxury, and self-pleasing activities manifest, and Love is the Law of the land.  

During the other periods of the year, we have worked hard and set out to achieve goals. During the Universal Venus Period, it is a time of rest and play. This is the best time to have a spa day and receive massage or energy work. It is the most beneficial time to bring in aromatherapy, flowers, and nature into your life through your heart connection to beauty. Venus supports expanding in Love, getting married, proposals, and improving existing relationships.  

Whether you enjoy painting, decorating, or creating music, or you simply appreciate looking and listening to art, this is a wonderful period to bring art into your life. Venus supports you in going to museums, the opera, a play, or a music concert, or getting your paint brushes and musical instruments out and creating it yourself. A vacation or short trip away is highly beneficial during this period. Buy something beautiful and new for yourself, spend time in beautiful places, and surround yourself with beauty that soothes all of your senses. Venus is a great period to re-cultivate self-Love.   

  Call upon Archangel Hanael, the grace of God , who bestows Love and happiness. Archangel Hanael is the angel of joy, beauty, Love, harmony, and nature. She helps one to let go of pain and sorrow and embrace Divine grace. Within all of our challenges is a deep rooted Love that yearns for us to grow deeper into our own beauty. Archangel Hanael supports one in seeing Love in everything and everyone in order to manifest more joy and harmony on all levels of this reality.  

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